Kayaking is not fun if we find ourselves sitting in an awfully uncomfortable seat.  Let’s take a look at the more comfortable upgrade options available on the market.

An important reason to upgrade our kayak seat has to do with how frequently we find ourselves kayaking. When we do so often enough, our butts may go soft and our backs can hurt. Posture and comfort during long hours on a small boat surface in the open water can become crucial. Our seat is one of the few parts of the kayak we can upgrade that can have a positive impact on our trips out to the water starting today and onward.

Reviews of the Most Comfortable Kayak Seats

Our Top Pick: Surf To Summit GTS Expedition

The GTS Expedition uses a combination of fabric blend, plastic, and foam to provide a comfortable seating experience. The 6-point attachment design provides a triangular rear strapping system to set up the perfect angled backrest support for you. The small funnel design for the seat bottom helps drain cockpit water off the chair.

Here is what the GTS Expedition has to offer:

  • Works great for any sit-on-top kayak
  • An 18-inch tall backrest
  • 2-inch thick seats
  • 6-point rear attachment loops with solid brass snap hooks
  • Drainage channels for water
  • Built-in mesh bungee pouch on the backside

The Budget-Friendly Alternative: Leader Accessories Deluxe

The Deluxe use of fabric blend, plastic, and foam provide a comfortable and supportive design that can be adjusted to your need. It might not be as high off the deck as the GTS Expedition, but the Deluxe durable construction can accommodate most kayaks at an affordable price.

Here is what you get with the Leader Accessories Deluxe:

  • 4 adjustable straps with solid brass snap hooks
  • An 18-inch tall backrest support
  • Drainage channels design for the seat bottom

How We Picked

  • The quality of padding and fabric. Having sufficient cushion can help ease seating for long hours of kayaking. Foam tends to be the more reliable choice. However, the fabric must be well-stitch to prevent waterlogged seats and longer-lasting use.
  • Elevated or not. Elevated seats are preferred. Water tends to enter the kayak during more choppy water conditions. If we were to kayak for hours, we want to avoid sitting in the water.
  • Backrest reliability. Long hours in the boat can be uncomfortable, especially if you find yourself slouching for hours. Being able to sit back and relax on the backrest of your seat can make the difference between a tiring trip and an enjoyable day. The straps to the kayak will play an important role
  • Waterproof! This is obvious, but it must be said. Seat stitching should be top-notch and seat fabric should be waterproof.

The Competition

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus: This seat is surprisingly well anchored. It supports the backrest surprisingly well and would be a great runner-up as a budget pick.

Ocean Kayak Comfort TechWe can see why this seat can be a choice, with its support hug around the back design. The padding is great, but there just isn’t enough of it. We would like to see more padding on the seat bottom.

Surf To Summit GTS SportThe GTS Sport is an excellent upgrade for those with a bigger budget. It is priced higher than most kayak seats, and for good reason. It is designed with great drainage, uses a high-quality laminated lycra foam, offers a comfortable hugging back support, and comes with a zipper pack. The only drawback is the 13-inch tall back support, which could be higher.

Surf To Summit The Drifter: The Drifter offers a 3-inch high seat bottom that can keep kayakers out of pooling water in their kayak cockpit and deck. The adjustable straps system works well but is attached particularly low on the seat backrest. The cushion and padding are great, and the extra storage pack is an excellent plus for any trip.

Skwoosh Expedition: The Expedition is an interesting seat design. It emphasizes greater support on the lower back with its hug-like design and straps extending from the backrest flaps. The backrest is great, but the seat bottom lacks padding which can make for an uncomfortable seating experience. The upgrade to the Expedition includes a lumbar roll and 2 extra bottle holders.

Kerco Angler-X: The Angler-X design offers a lot of mid-back support thanks to the placement of the straps. The padding is great for both the backrest and the seat bottom and uses an anti-slip surface material so kayakers can have a better grip when sitting. The seat bottom is smaller than other kayak seats. This is great for taking up less deck space and can work great for smaller individuals, but not so great for people with a wider build.